Thursday, 20 October 2016

This week I received this lovely email from someone who had bought a couple of tea towels online. He would have loved it. Cockles warmed! 

'In pursuit of the perfect tea pot'

         Dear Claire

Thanks for your email and confirmation of the order – the tea towels are the perfect gift for my Mum’s 75th birthday. She was a student at Art College in Belfast in the late 50s / early 60s and still talks very fondly of your Dad’s teaching.
I’m a ceramics collector and spotted your name when reading a piece about Lara Scobie and the forthcoming Create exhibition. I realised the connection to Belfast when I read the biography on your website.
Mum has often spoken of your Dad as we walked around galleries / artist studios and told me about the inspiration of his classes. I also remember stories of Mum babysitting his children in Holywood and I’m guessing that was possibly you…
I live in London but Mum’s still in Northern Ireland - her maiden name is Shirley Robins. I’m sure she will be absolutely delighted with the tea towels and memories.
Very best wishes    Jonny 

Dad.....David Heminsley looking suave early 60's