Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Summer slipstreams into Autumn!

This summer I have been looking back and planning the future at the same time...... 

Looking back and celebrating 30 years of INCAHOOTS in the 30 days of June. It was a surprisingly emotional journey remembering all the things I have done and all the people I have met along the way. The loveliest part is that I still see many of those people on a regularly. 

This is an early image from the 30 years, a commission for the Mayfest Arts Festival 1989. Early use of scraper board too. 

And as for planning the future....30 years on and still going strong INCAHOOTS is embarking on a new project called 'Objects of Celebration' It is a big project. I am planning a Crowd funding campaign and will explain further in the next month or so!!

Happy autumn. I'm off now to have a swim and pick some plums! 

Here are some images from the last few months..... 

A collaborative Paper 53 drawing by me and my nephew Oliver (age 9)  

Paper 53 drawing of French bottles- August 2016

Last weekend I was given these wonderful garment labels from  the 60's  and 70's, they are sure to feature in some future work but in the meantime we must all 'Romp and Rest'!!  

And finally a cheery mannequin in the market in Fayence France, to bid you farewell!

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